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The Hedalen Madonna
from the Hedalen stave church

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Miniature replica of Mary with child


The painted wooden sculpture from about 1250 A.D. is an unusually fine example of the medieval gothic expression, elegant and with elongated proportions. Graceful, elegant lines and a richness of details make it a work of art at its best even in European context.

The original is exhibited at the Historical Museum in Oslo. During the 700 year since it was crafted, it is damaged and the colors have darkened. An exact replica, painted in gold and bright colors as it presumably looked originally, has now taken the original's place in the Hedalen stave church.

The miniature copy reflects the replica both in sculpturing and coloring. It is an attempt to give an perception of the original Mary with child as it once was in the 13th century.

The miniatur's height about 15 cm.

The Hedalen stave church

The Hedalen stave church is located in the Valdres valley south east in Norway (just north of the village Bagn). It was built about year 1160 AD, a cross extention was added in 1699. The Mary with child sculpture is among several other artifacts reflecting medieval art and religious custom.

The church is open for visitors during the summer.