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Viking jewelry
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150 AD


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Souvenirs and gifts

with themes from the
Viking Age and Medieval Times

Sorry, but MEMORY is now closed and can no longer service customers.


Memory is marketing souvenirs and gifts particularly associated to the Viking age and Medieval times. See the section "About Memory" for more information about the company.

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The Kaupang jewelry collection

Replicas of artifacts from Kaupang, the very first viking town in Norway, made as jewelry.

Memory has an agreement with University Museum of Cultural Heritage in Oslo to make replicas of finds from Kaupang. The replicas are thoroughy inspected and authorized by the museum.

The Lewis Chessmen

The famous Lewis chess collection from the 12th century is now on display in British Museum as one of the museum's highlights. Not surprising since they are considered the finest antique chess pieces in existence. Copies of the originals are available as complete chess sets and as decorative single pieces

"Livia of Roma", doll from year 150 AD

Replica of a doll found in a Roman sarcofagus. 21 cm tall, with movable arms and legs, it is dressed with a tunic, palla (dress) and drape, designed to correspond to the time, in addition necklaces and a bracelet.

The original was discovered in a girl's grave in Rome. It is now contained in the Musei Capitolini in Rome. The Historical Museum in Oslo has been advisor.


Byzantine medallion

Imitation of a Byzantine medallion in gold and enamel found in the ancient part of city of Oslo. Made as pendant, finger ring and cuff links.

The Viking Game "HNEFATAFL"

The board game Hnefatafl was very popular in the Viking world 1000 years ago. This edition is a reconstruction of the ancient game.

PC Mouse Pad

Mouse pad with a stylistic and picturesque motif ("Viking Raiders") from a 11th century French manuscript.

The Oseberg textiles

Reconstruction of textiles found in the viking ship where the Oseberg Queen was buried 834 AD.

Made as tapestry, cushion cover and placemats.

The Oseberg Salad Server Set
Miniature reproduction of agricultural tools found in the Oseberg Viking Ship burial.

The puzzle "Vikings emigrants leaving for Iceland"

500 pieces, medium difficulty.
Designed and produced for Memory.

Magnetic pieces for writing runic text

Runic script was being used for giving messages in the daily life far into the Medieval period in parallel with the latin alphabeth which was used by the clergy and the noblemen.

The rune pieces can be used to write messages in rune script, for example on the fridge door. The set consists of 46 pieces with 23 different runes.

Some examples:

"The Hitra King" chess piece

Chess piece f found on the shores of the island Hitra, probably made around 1100 AD in Trondheim.
Reconstructed by archaeologists and historians.

"Venus from Svinesund"

A fertility symbol (the lower part of a woman's body) from the stone age (7.000 years old) made from a mussel fossil.
Replica made as a key ring.

Hedalen Madonna

Mary with child, a miniature figure based on the original sculpture from the 13th century in Hedalen stave church. A replica as it appeared 700 years ago is displayed in the Historical Museum in Oslo. The original can be seen in the Hedalen stave church.

Fridge magnets

"The Oseberg Cat"

Wood carved detail from the seremony wagon in the Oseberg Viking Ship (834 AD).

"Medusa" fridge magnet

Miniature reconstruction of a Greek Medusa figure from about 500 B.A. Size about 7 cm.


Contemporary Art

Decorative originals made by the artist Turid Eng:

  • Miniture version of the original "Mary and Child" from her sculpture in the Oslo Cathedral


  • "The pleasant pig", a decorative little thing, good to hold, good to look at.


  • "Heptakord -- the Listening Seven". Miniature replica of the large sculpture in front of the Concert Hall, Oslo.

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