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Contemporary Art


Memory cooperates with the distinguished Norwegian artist Turid Eng. She has over the years participated in a countless exhibitions and her works have been aquired by many institutions and galleries. Her most famous work is the "Heptakord" sculpture in bronze in front of the Concert Hall in Oslo.

"Mary and Child" from Oslo Cathedral

Among Turid Eng's works is "Mary and Child", a coloured sculpture in wood in the Oslo Cathedral. She has made a miniature sculpture, 180 mm high. This miniature is not coloured but white which emphasizes the lines and form of the object, characteristic for her art.

"The Good Piggy"

The "The Good Piggy" is a typical result of Turid Eng's sense for lines and shapes. This pig is not only a funny piece, but good to  hold, good to look at. Therefore its name.

Length approx 130 mm, black, silk finish. Made of heavy polystone material.

Heptakord -- "The listening Seven"

The artist Turid Eng's skulpture in front of the Concert Hall in Oslo is named "Heptakord" which means a scale of seven notes and  is symbolized by the  seven figures. They concentrate on listening and illustrate what the audience in the concert hall experience. The sculpture is monumental in it form but sensitiv in its expression.

The artist has created a miniature of the original Heptakord, a independant piece of art, not only a reduction in size. She has managed to give the miniature the same expression as the original sculpture.

The miniature size is 23 cm. The artist has limited the number to 300 units, the artist's signature is cast in the sculpture. They are numbered, a certificate signed by the artist follows.

This miniature available direktly from Memory only. Please ask for brochure here: Send E-mail to Memory.


The sculpture in front of
the Consert Hall

The miniature sculpture