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"Viking Raiders" Mouse pad

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A decorative mouse pad with a motif from a French manuskript from the 11th century. The picture shows a Vikingship full of warriors ready for raiding. France was, during the years 8-900 DC, frequently raided by the Vikings from the North, they followed the rivers far into the country. At one time even Paris was attacked. Monasteries and churches were an easy catch for the Vikings.

A fleet of Viking ships filled with aggressive vikings must have been a terrible sight. The picture reflects the fear it must have caused. The monk who created the picture did not himself experience such a threat, he painted it only after the tide of vikings was well over. One can see this from the kite shaped shields, the Vikings always had round ones. Also, the spearheads are different from how the Norse type. Actually, the shields and spears reflect the French weapon technology of the 11th century. Also note that the artist has placed the steering ore on the wrong side of the ship!

With all the errors the artist made and the damage done to the manuscript itself over a thousand years, the picture is astonishing from an artistic as well as a historical point of view. One of the most famous pictures from the time, nice to have beside the PC!

The original manuscript is in the Biblioteque Nationale de France in Paris. Permission to reproduce the picture on the mouse pad is of course obtained.

The mouse pad is of high quality, has a soft surface and rubber sponge base. Size is 220 x 180 mm.