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-- a company in the souvenir and gift trade

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Memory is located in Oslo, Norway,
Enterprise no NO956 038 480MVA
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Memory is marketing gifts and souvenirs mainly associated with heritage and history, mainly Viking Age and Medieval times in the Norse area, however, not only limited to this. Selection of products is based on the desire to etablish a serious profile and where the products can be part of the task museums and others have in transferring knowledge of history and heritage. One wishes to keep a distance to the part of the market which is dominated by rather vulgar products. Correct historical product design followed by informative descriptions become a strategic principle.

Memory does not have any production facilities, focus is on development of ideas and product design. The actual production is taking place at different locations nationally and internationally. Memory is cooperating closely with others who represent a wide spectrum of products, from this Memory is marketing only a limited selection that matches the company's strategy and market potential.

The development from ideas to product design has been greatly stimulated through cooperation with persons and organisations with particular knowledge and interest in history and heritage. Such cooperation with representatives from several museums have resulted in some unique products. An example is the Oseberg tapestry which has been developed with assistance from archaelogists at the Viking Ship Museum. By focusing on correct historical reproduction and design, the products are given a perspective of cultural heritage in addition to being nice souvenirs or decorative gifts.

Memory is marketing its products to shops and institutions only. Consumers are directed to museums and shops. Among museums with Memory-products for sale are: The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, The Science Museum in Trondheim, The Archaeological Museum in Stavanger, the National Museum in Copenhagen, The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde (Denmark), Historical Museum in Stockholm, National Museum in Ireland. In addition, products are available in several other countries.
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