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Fridge magnets


"The Oseberg Cat"

The procession cart found in the Oseberg Viking ship (834 AD) was extraordinarily artistic decorated. Its back is filled with a variety of real and fantasy animals. One of these animals, a cat, has been reconstructed as a fridge magnet.

The magnet is about 6 cm wide


Medusa was a frightening female in the Greek mythology. She had snakes for hair and anyone meeting her stare was turned into stone. The hero Perseus beheaded her, but to be safe, without looking at her face. From the flood of blood was the winged horse Pegasus created, the symbol of poetic arts.

In the arts Medusa is pictured with staring eyes, snakes for hair, and her tongue sticking out. Pictures of Medusa's face were used to frighten off thieves and evil spirits.

The original from about 500 B.C. was found in southern Italy in a town founded by immigrants from Sparta. It is now displayed in the Historical Museum in Oslo.

The magnet is about 7 cm wide.