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Viking jewelry from Kaupang,
the first Viking town in Norway

Memory has an exclusive license with University Museum of Cultural Heritage in Oslo to make replicas of finds from Kaupang. The replicas are thoroughy inspected and authorized by the museum.

Ask for a brochure, send E-mail from here

All rights
University museum
of cultural heritage
Oslo, Norway

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Miniature war axe
earrings and pendant in silver and bronze

Oseberg style brooch
in silver and bronze

Longhorned ram
earrings in silver and bronze

Silver ring
with a weight as decoration

Wheel Cross pendant
in silver and bronze

Horse shaped brooch
in silver and bronze

Cross patterned pendant and brooch,
in silver an bronze

About the Viking town Kaupang

Kaupang by Larvik, in south Norway, was an important trading town during the early Viking age (8-900 AD). Excavations indicate that Kaupang was the first town in Norway with all year habitation and of considerable size at the time.

Excavation and research tells us that Kaupang was visited by merchants and craftsmen from all over Europe, and some settled there. Traces of houses and workshops are found, lost and broken pieces from production indicate comprehensive production activity.

The finds from jewelry workshops are interesting. Various tools bear witness to advanced craftsmanship. Also, some finds originate from the British Isles and the Continent and demonstrate extensive contact with Europe. This proves that the Viking town Kaupang was an important merchant and craft center at the time.

The reason for Kaupang's fall during the 10th century is not known.


Kaupang today.

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